Q:  What is the per person cost?

A:  $700 includes everything except airfare, travel medical insurance for a team size of 12 or over.  If it is less than 12 people the price will be $800-$850/person.

Q: Are teams required to pay a deposit?


A:   Yes a $500 team deposit is required if you are a new team.  This money will be deducted from the overall team cost.

Q: Who arranges transportation and food for the mission team?


A: We take care of all of those arrangements for you.  Most meals are prepared on site by members of the local church where the mission team is working (for construction teams).  Evangelism teams meals will vary depending on where the team chooses to stay.  We also work with a dependable transportation company who gets the teams from the airport to the site and back, as well as transportation for the day off.


Q: How many people can come on a mission team?


A: We like to keep short term mission teams in the 12 - 20 person range.  If a church has interest from more than 20 people, we recommend that they consider bringing two separate groups.  However we can try to accomodate a large group if multiple groups is not an option.  Again, this is not set in stone, but we have found that to some degree, too large of a group often limits the level of involvement of team members and can present some logistical challenges.


Q: What is the duration of a team's stay?


A: This depends on each different mission team.  Most teams choose Saturday through Saturday.  However it is not limited to just that time period.


Q: How much does it cost to bring a mission team?


A: Please see the Expense page for more information on team cost

Q:  Does the mission team need to purchase insurance?


A:  Insurance is not required, however we strongly encourage each mission team to purchase insurance.  It is better to be safe than sorry. International medical group has great prices.


Q: Can youth groups come?  Are there age requirements? 


A: Yes!  Youth groups are welcome.   We also encourage families to come, in which case age is not an issue. 


Q: Is the Dominican Republic safe for foreign travelers?


A: It is quite safe.  Hotels have regular security.


Q: What do mission teams do on their day off?


A: This depends on where the project is located.  Please visit the Day Apart page for further information on places to visit. 


Q: What kind of shots should one get before coming to the Dominican Republic?   What are the medical facilities like?


A: It is best to check with your personal physician.  They can get the most up to date travel health information for you.  There are health clinics and hospitals usually within 45 minutes of work sites.  The government itself does not check any immunization records.


Q:  Are there any health rules that should guide us?


A:  Don't buy food from street vendors, as you risk affecting your health.  Do not drink any tap water, even at expensive hotels.  Ice needs to come from filtered ice machines.  Only bottled water is recommended for consumption.  All fruits and vegetables need to be washed thoroughly before peeling. If you will be involved in construction a current tetanus shot is recommended though not required.


Q: What language do they speak in the Dominican Republic?


A.  Spanish is the primary language spoken in the Dominican Republic. 


Q: Can we have Bible school (VBS) for the children when we come?


A: We encourage those mission teams who are interested to definitely take advantage of the opportunity.  Getting involved with the children deepens the relationships that we hope to see built between churches, and also provides an excellent way for the host church to reach out to the wider community.  Taking up donations of school and hygeine supplies is also a good way to get the children in your home church involved in your churches missions activities as well. 


Q:   How should we dress?


A:  Think summer clothes.  In the winter months you may need a light jacket for the evenings.  For ministering in local churches, a dress, skirt, or pants is ok for the women, and pants for the men.  Most Dominicans dress up to go to church.  As Christians, the rule is modesty, wherever you are.


Q:  What is the current monetary exchange rate? 


A:  It is almost 50 DR pesos to 1 U.S. Dollar.    Be careful of money changers in the street who are notorious for taking advantage of tourists.  You can check the XE website for updated currency exchange rates.  We encourage teams not to exchange money before arrival.  We will change it for you at a place that gives a good exchange rate.  


We'd love to answer your questions about taking a short term mission trip to the Dominican Republic.  Please contact us at dominicanrepublicmissions2009@gmail.com or (912) 687-1657.  

Frequently Asked Questions