It is our goal to keep expenses as low as possible so that finances will not be a reason someone cannot come serve with us.  The per person cost is $700 which includes transportation, food, accommodations, Day Apart, construction, and local labor for a team of 12 or more persons.  If the team is smaller it will be between $800-$850 per person  Expenses may be less if your team chooses to just do evangelism and not include construction.  If your team has less than 10 people, your per person expense may be higher in order to cover fixed costs that are the same no matter the team size.  The only fee outside that cost is your airfare, and travel medical insurance  


We require a $500 group deposit for new teams to save the date.  This money will be deducted from the overall team cost.  




We'd love to answer your questions about taking a short term mission trip to the Dominican Republic.  Please contact us at dominicanrepublicmissions2009@gmail.com or (912) 687-1657.