We'd love to answer your questions about taking a short term mission trip to the Dominican Republic.  Please contact us at dominicanrepublicmissions@yahoo.com or (912) 687-1657.  

Dominican Republic Evangelical Church (IED)


The church actually started as a mission site by missionaries from Puerto Rico and the U.S.  The Evangelical Church of the Dominican Republic (la Iglesia Evangelica Dominicana) was founded in 1922 by these missionaries and the first two bishops of the church were actually from Puerto Rico.  It is the second largest Protestant church in the DR.  We have a bishop that overseas the church on the island.  We have 59 churches as well as 72 chapel sites and 22 preaching sites outside of the church. 


All of our projects come directly from the bishop or executive committee of the church.  


We have a very active women and young adult ministry throughout the whole church.  Various churches around the country are also involved in many health and social action causes.  Some of our churches have schools attached to them as well.