"It really has been such a powerful week--and I have seen every one of the youth learn something new or experience something powerful or meet someone important to them, I’ve found myself with even more hope for this world. Truly, this is a beautiful country and a beautiful people and we’ve learned so much from them."


                                                                          --David, youth leader, Beargrass Christian Church (KY)

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Construction projects in the DR help the Dominican Evangelical Church provide facilities that would be difficult for them to have without the support of teams.  


Currently we are working on two main projects, one in Sosua and one in Monte Cristi.  However, we also have some other projects available if you believe your team is a better fit for that area. 


Sosua is located on the northern coast close to Puerto Plata.  We have already built a parsonage there.  The site being used as the sanctuary for that town has been rented the last 28 years.  The church has since purchased a property to renovate into their own sanctuary where rent will no longer be necessary saving the church some much needed funds to be able to use elsewhere. 










In Monte Cristi, we have new chapel site ripe for the harvest.  We have a temporary chapel built onto a children's foundation home but with the rapid growth and the need for a church in this community, we will be building a true sanctuary and church for the people in this area.  Since God has called us to be more than just a building, we are also actively out in the community pouring concrete floors in homes, since most homes in this area are made of tin or wood with only dirt floors.  The people take such pride in being able to have just a concrete floor.  It also helps with the health of the coummunity.  













Another available project is our church camp in Bani, which is located on the southern coast of the DR to the west of Santo Domingo.  It is used many times throughout the year for different retreats and activities and is in need of some sprucing up.  

If your group has been working in a specific area outside of our current projects and would like to continue doing so, we will be more than happy to help you make the arrangements to keep coming!  




We'd love to answer your questions about taking a short term mission trip to the Dominican Republic.  Please contact us at or (912) 687-1657.